Daniel Giles

Dan is an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholar and has been a member of the Wave Group since completing his undergraduate studies in UCD (2017). His interests and skills lie in the area of mathematical modelling, in particular, applying various numerical/computational methods for modelling fluid dynamics.

His work in the Wave Group focuses on the development of operational tools for Tsunami Warning Centres which will provide extremely rapid localised forecasts of tsunami wave heights, inundation and induced currents. He works closing with the French tsunami warning centre (CENALT) on this project. He has been the main contributor in the development of the numerics of the massively parallel tsunami code VOLNA-OP2, which is optimised to run on various High Performance Computing architectures. Utilising this developed tsunami code, a collaborative project with Geological Science Ireland (GSI), on producing tsunami inundation maps for the Irish coastline has been completed.

He has been a key tutor in the Mathematics Support Centre in UCD for over 5 years. Where he provides mathematical help to early stage undergraduate students in UCD. He throughly enjoys this experience of tutoring and relishes the challanges of constantly trying to protray mathematics in a clear and concise fashion. 

Away from research/tutoring you will most likely find Dan trying to figure out how to climb big rocks in the Wicklow mountains or when the weather doesnt permit (happens a lot in Ireland!), in one of the indoor climbing facilities of Dublin.