Doctor James Herterich

James Herterich is a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and Statistics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, UCD. James's personal website can be found here.

His research interests involve fluid mechanics: geophysical flows, environmental and industrial problems, and particulate-laden flows. James uses mathematical modelling and scientific computing to address a range of problems in the natural world that involve the flow of liquid and transport of matter. His most recent work is based on the interaction of storm waves with coastal structures, specifically the creation and movement of very large boulders during storms.

Recently, James held a short-term JSPS fellowship at Kyoto University within the Coastal Engineering Laboratory in the Disaster Prevention Research Institute. He was also a postdoctoral researcher in Frederic Dias's Wave Group at University College Dublin and a DPhil student at Oxford University. James is a member of the UCD Earth Institute.

James Herterich