james steer picDoctor James N. Steer

James is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Wave Group as a part of the HIGHWAVE project. James completed his PhD at The University of Edinburgh in 2019 in the field of nonlinear surface waves with a specific interest in wave-current interactions and the behaviour of crossing waves. During his PhD, James carried out experiments at University College London (UCL) and at the FloWave circular wave basin. At UCL, the effect of a linearly sheared current on the formation of rogue waves through the modulation instability mechanism was investigated. At FloWave, the hydrodynamic X-wave was observed for the first time. James' thesis can be found online in the Edinburgh Research Archive.

As a part of the HIGHWAVE project, James currently researches the formation of breaking waves in the ocean and their effects.

James' past publications can be found on ResearchGate and his most recent updates appear on Twitter.