Hasan closeupHasan is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the wave group at UCD. His work relates to a sponsored project exploring the effects of 3D water wave breaking in crossing sea states.

Hasan obtained his doctorate in ocean engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. His dissertation was based upon a set of numerical experiments conducted with the help of two open source codes viz., HOS-Ocean & HOS-NWT. These codes are based on the High Order Spectral method with periodic (HOS-Ocean) and non-periodic (HOS-NWT) boundaries. Hasan modified these codes to implement wave breaking mechanisms (based on an eddy viscosity method) and validated them against an existing database of 2D physical experiments provided by his supervisor. Additionally, the Jeffrey's modified sheltering mechanism was also implemented in these codes as a wind model to study wind-wave interactions for focused wave groups.

Hasan also has considerable industrial experience and has held senior positions as a naval architect & ocean engineer within shipping as well as oil and gas industries. He started his professional career as a junior engine officer onboard a container ship transiting transatlantic voyages.

Apart from scientific interests, he is philosophically curious about epistemology and logic. His publications can be found at ResearchGate.