Dr Nicole-BeisiegelDoctor Nicole Beisiegel

Nicole is a postdoctoral research fellow. Her area of expertise is computational methods in the geosciences. Of particular interest to her is the study of waves in fluids: Their formation, amplification and interaction.

She obtained her PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Hamburg and joined the Wave Group in January 2016 as a postdoctoral researcher on the US-Ireland project on Understanding Extreme Nearshore Wave Events through Studies of Coastal Boulder Transport. Within that she worked on high-order spectral methods to simulate wave amplification and interaction.

Currently, Nicole holds an Irish Research Council (IRC) postdoctoral fellowship to work on her project NIMBUS³ - Next-Generation Integrated Model for Better and Unified Storm Surge Simulations in which she explores state-of-the-art adaptive numerical methods and their viability for realistic simulations.

She is also the UCD-based Chapter Advisor of the SIAM-IMA Dublin Area Student Chapter. In that role, she supports students in organising events to promote industrial and applied mathematics among Dublin-based university students who are users, developers or learners of applied and computational mathematics.

Furthermore, she greatly enjoys science communication. In her free time she can frequently be found at one of Dublin's science engagement events such as Soapbox Science, Bright Club Dublin, or Pint of Science.