Tatjana Kokina

Tatjana Kokina is a PhD student (2019-2023), under the supervision of Professor Frederic Dias. She is part of the Wave Group in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University

Tatjana Kokina 2

College Dublin. Originally from Riga, Latvia, she has been living in Ireland for the last thirteen years.
Tatjana graduated from University College Dublin in 2019 and holds a degree in Theoretical Physics. During her years at UCD, Tatjana was a member of Mathematics and Physics Societies, visited CERN in 2018, and in 2019 became an Associate Member of the Institute of Physics. She received her degree as a mature student, returning to college after working in the financial sector for eight years. During that period, she used mathematical and computational tools to work with shares and stocks.
Tatjana, who speaks Russian, English, Latvian and Spanish, brings to HIGHWAVE an interesting blend of private sector working experience and academic research. Her research interests involve ocean waves, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics (F1 racing).