The Wave Group is based both at Centre Borelli of ENS Paris-Saclay, France (Navier team) and in UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics, Ireland (Stokes team). Together we are the "Navier-Stokes"...

Fluid mechanics has fascinated researchers for centuries and continues to do so today. Fluid mechanics is a very rich topic, covering a wide variety of applications (meteorology, climate, ocean waves, aeronautics, biomechanics, food industry, ship industry, oil and gas).

The group is heavily involved not only in fundamental theoretical descriptions of Fluid Mechanics, but also in Computational Fluid Mechanics, and thereby interacts with major European supercomputing centres.

The group is proud to have hosted three ERC grants, the ERC Advanced Grant (MULTIWAVE on rogue waves and HIGHWAVE on wave breaking) and one ERC Proof of Concept (WAVEMEASUREMENT on the measurement of extreme ocean waves).

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Our group plays a key role in European initiatives promoting interactions between mathematics and industry.

Fluid mechanics has enjoyed a rich interaction with many other areas in mathematics (partial differential equations, statistics) and many other schools (geophysics, mechanical engineering, biology, physics).